Synthetic Island is large and homes many secrets and techniques and hidden places for Tower of Fantasy. A few of the most rewarding hidden places are the journey logs, often known as scenic factors. Visiting these places rewards you with Darkish Crystals, exploration factors, and exquisite scenic photographs. Discovering the journey logs is difficult, however it’s effectively definitely worth the grind. This information will make it easier to get all of the journey logs in Synthetic Island in Tower of Fantasy.

All Journey Log Location on Synthetic Island in Tower of Fantasy

There are eight journey logs scattered throughout the map of Synthetic Island, and discovering a few of them is difficult. Every journey log rewards you with 20 Dark Crystals and exploration factors. Listed here are the places for all journey logs on Synthetic Island.

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1) Unnamed Airship Plaza journey log location

The primary journey log is close to the Rusty Camp space. You’ll simply discover the go online a small cliff on the marked location.

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2) Easy Pier journey log location

This journey log is on the shores close to the Easy Pier space. Bear in mind to climb down from the hills, and you’ll simply spot the go online the sand.

3) Eyrie journey log location

To seek out this log, head west of Ring Area and go to the marked location. You’ll simply discover the scenic level on the massive rock on high of the open grassy space.

4) Lakesource Falls journey log location

The fourth journey log is within the southern space of Puddled Lake. The scenic level is hidden behind some grass on the decrease hills.

5) Tetriso Ruins journey log location

This journey log is northwest of Feiyum Mountain. Yow will discover the go online the cliff’s edge on the location.

6) Gazing Cliffs journey log location

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This journey log is on a small island referred to as, Stranded Stays, south of the Synthetic Island. The log is on high of the ship.

7) Deserted Water Therapy Plant journey log location

Yow will discover the placement for this journey log northwest of the Abandoned Water Therapy Plant space. It’s on the black, nongrassy hills.

8) The Enterprise journey log location

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The final location for the journey log is on an island referred to as the Island of Pins, north of the primary Synthetic Island. You have to to climb right down to the bottom hill, and on the marked location, you will notice the log.

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